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@ TWOUDIA, we are all about


At TWOUDIA, we are all about visualising information.

We believe information is the key to everything; a good business needs information about suppliers, customers and finances etc; People make decisions every day based on the information they are given. We live in a era of information overflow. There are just too much information out there that most information gets ignored. Even if information is retained, it is hard to tell what information is useful.

Information is only useful when applied with the right tools at the right time and the right situation.

With over 25 years of combined experience in Business Analytics and High-end Technology Manufacturing Simulation and Management, we, at TWOUDIA are here to do just that: Help our clients apply their information effectively. Whether it is designing a website, business process analytics, or any kind information deployment, we are here to help.

Web Design

Why Choose TWOUDIA’s Web Design?

Ease of use

Our developers are experts in the popular Content Management System – WordPress CMS. WordPress is versatile and user-friendly. Clients can learn to use of CMS with ease, which makes self- maintenance and update of their websites simple and stress-free!!!

More than just design eye-candies

TWOUDIA not only design websites that look good, we dedicate ourselves at designing websites that suits the functions and goals of our clients. Whether the site is for marketing, promotion or online shopping, we design websites to fulfill your needs.

Affordable pricing

Unlike other design companies that charge at a high premium, we at TWOUDIA, are dedicated to fair and affordable pricing. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you!!!

Information Deployment

What is TWOUDIA’s information deployment?

We are in the digital age, where data is everywhere.

Data is only considered as information when it is considered valuable to the user. But, what good is information if it isn’t presented in easily accessible and understandable ways?

The answer is TWOUDIA’s Information Deployment services.

At TWOUDIA, we pride ourselves in digital information visualisations, organisations and analytics.
Whether it is business-process oriented information, organisational management data analytics or anything with information visualisation, why not give us a call and see what Information Deployment can do for you?

Our Experience

Yannick Lin Personal

An old personal website set up by founder of Twoudia (Yannick Lin) back in 2008 as a hobby. Yannick used his website to experiment the capabilities of the WordPress ... Read More

APP: Fuel Price of WA

This was a project Yannick worked on during his time in James Cook University. The project was to create a mobile application that provides the latest petrol price information ... Read More

Elites Wave (Ver. 1)

This is the first version of the Originally, Elites Wave offers professional audio engineering services such as: recording, mixing, mastering, noise reduction etc. ... Read More


A religious organization website. It was setup in a rush to accommodate online ticketing system that was needed for an event organised by the client. The overall implementation of the website ... Read More

Studio 78

Another Photographer’s website. The client had two major market segments for his business. The requirement was to establish a website that clearly separate the two market segments. ... Read More

Elites Wave (Ver. 2)

The 2nd version of Elites Wave had just reshaped into a different business and a redesign of the website was also required. The redesign involved branding and logo ... Read More

7000 Degrees

Another website designed for a photographer. The main requirement of the Client was to have a unique website that resembles a showcase gallery. The final solution was a website ... Read More

Golden Bridge Developments

This was a bilingual (Enlgish+Chinese) website that required applying simple modern western style to a primarily Chinese oriented website. The objective was to accommodate ... Read More

World News Weekly

World News Weekly is a Chinese newspaper publisher in Brisbane. The paper caters to the Traditional Chinese reading population of Brisbane. This was a case that involved a lot ... Read More

Global Blu Minds

A website that required implementation of qTranslate plug-in on the WordPress platform. The major challenge was the original qTranslate did not meet the functions specially specified ... Read More

WholeSale Order Form

This is an excel made order form for a client for the purpose of wholesale transactions. Easier, more modern and dedicated order form applications were not implemented ... Read More

Chinese Learn InfoCenter

This website is aimed to provide the information about learning Chinese. To fit the style of Chinese Culture, we use the calligraphy copybook with traditional Chinese Characters ... Read More

IBS Monarch Hotel

Website is built within few weeks for the client located in Solomon Islands, Pacific Ocean. The design and structure is set with the concept of simplism for the concern with poor internet ... Read More

APP: FIMEX Product Category

As a company fully standing in the front end of internet, FIMEX would like to create an outstanding category viewing system. We create an APP for the Product Category of FIMEX ... Read More

APP: Chinese Learn INFO

This APP is created as not only another platform for enlarge the client base of ChineseLearn InfoCenter but also as the trial of Cordova tools. We use the ICONIC as the framework ... Read More

Global Mobile Price Comparison

This web service can provide you with official price with currency exchange rates for major mobile brands. All price information is retrieved from official online stores ... Read More

The Australian Multilingual

This website is made to test the idea of make the Australian becoming multilingual website. The trial of enabling the pure Australian news media from only English version to Korean and ... Read More


A Taiwanese client us to build a wonderful website for her to expand the organic lipstick market in Taiwan, the need of bilingual interface is from the products are made in ... Read More

Cathaya Global

This website is the same client who asked for the ibs Monarch Hotel. The requests from client are much the same, for the consideration of low speed of internet in Solomon Islands ... Read More

Tea Leaf Party

A website with functionalities to locate and display eight tea stores located in HongKong, shopping cart with Paypal gateway, and bilingual interface. And were trying to implemented ... Read More

Pacific Australia

Client asked for a professional IT consultancy website, but not heavily focus on the specific technology terms. Instead, we made this website with the style of local communities, providing more ... Read More