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05 11 月 2016 Mockup – The Australian Multilingual version

This website is made to test the idea of make the Australian becoming multilingual website. The trial of enabling the pure Australian news media from only English version to Korean and simplised Chinese worked and gained highly sanctification from the client. This work initialed from the scratch and all contents and responding translations were collected by ourselves, therefore there might several errors in the text. This task took our team for 10 working days with more than 12 hours per day to establish and present in front of client.

Updated 2017/09/22: the friend works in NewsCorp told that the mockup and concept of creating multilingual website for The Australian News has been adopted by top managers, but they decided to let the internal WordPress team to handle the development, and the official online is set yesterday (2017/09/21).
The internal team has devoted plenty of efforts to create a platform of the compatibility with multilingual contents, and aimed to make attractions from Chinese locals. However, the inexperienced programming and underestimation of the difference of languages did not form the results in original expectation.